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Definitive List of Online Leaderboard Services — Gideros Forum

Definitive List of Online Leaderboard Services

joelghilljoelghill Member
edited October 2012 in Game & application design
Hello all,

Since the release of my first game on the Android platform, I've been exploring the different back-end web services available to indie developers. My ultimate goal is to add online leaderboard support to my current game, as well as it's inevitable iOS release, and any future projects that I develop.

Before I integrate any of my work with these services though, I want to make sure I've evaluated everything that's out there to make sure I've chosen the service that is best for me. This is why I'm suggesting we pool our collective knowledge and create a definitive list of all available services, since I know that some of these are NOT easy to find through Google (at least for me anyway).

Here's a handful that I have tried, or at least considered, but I know I'm missing many:

GameMinion: http://gameminion.com/
Scoreoid: http://www.scoreoid.net/
ScoreLoop: http://www.scoreloop.com/

I'd just like to add that GameMinion and Scoreoid are really slick so far. They use a web based API, so all you need to do is use the UrlLoader class in Gideros to interact with their service (which I may have finally wrapped my head around this morning!).


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