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Scoreoid Example (RESTful API) — Gideros Forum

Scoreoid Example (RESTful API)

joelghilljoelghill Member
edited October 2012 in Code snippets
Thanks to some input from the community here, I was able to interact with the Scoreoid api using the Gideros urlLoader class.

Scoreoid is a back end web service that provides online leaderboards, acheivement, cloud storage, and other features. It is very similar to what Game Minion provieds, or Game Center minus the GUI.

With the project I've attached, you should be able to create a player, retrieve a player, as well as submit and retrieve scores. It's my hope that at the very least this serves as a good example on how to use RESTful services for any n00bs out there. Warning: I don't know what I'm doing, so you may want to rewrite or revise parts of this implementation :)

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