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require plugin android TV and portrait orientation only. — Gideros Forum

require plugin android TV and portrait orientation only.

Hi I have some questions about the Require plugin:

I wonder what is the difference between Android TV compatibility and Android TV extended compatibility.
and if those are working as expected because with these flags unflagged, google play is convinced that my app supports Android TV, which I think should not be the case.

My app is built with imgui and the screen elements are adaptive, therefore it might work on every screen, but I have never seen an Android TV in my life and I am not sure if it would fit, nor if it would be usable: I should fix the layout for when the app is used in landscape mode because fullscreen (16/9) on my laptop won't work properly, and I think that on TV it might be the same.

So at this time I am ready to support only portrait orientation, both on phones and tablets.

The difference that you can see in the attached supported devices overview, happened disabling Touchscreen is mandatory, so I guess that enabling it is my way to go right now, even if it leaves 3 TVs and 10 Cars in the list.

Thank you :)
714 x 375 - 14K
1090 x 338 - 16K
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