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Add API Docs to IDE

flyingaudioflyingaudio Member
edited March 2012 in Suggestions & requests
Your IDE is almost complete. It just needs thorough API docs and a Visual Debugger.
Make it so easy/enjoyable for people to code, that they will be drawn to your solution.

Example: When typing just the first letter (not first two), show what Lua and Gideros commands are available. Also, show somewhere else the details, with example(s), on how to implement that command. This could be shown in some other panel, and would allow you to have the API docs at your finger tips.

You already have the API document, just display it within the IDE.

Note: I have found the documentation weak; i.e., no examples and no listings of what the options are on required parameters. For instance, "EventDispatcher:addEventListener(type, listener, data)", shows TYPE as STRING, which is almost useless, since I need to know what the string is, like, "click", "touch", "tap", "touches", "begin", "end", "move", whatever it might be for an API.

If this existed in your IDE, it would be a dream to code. The weak docs is one of the reasons I haven't adopted your SDK yet. I don't want to hunt for everything, and even when I do look at the API Docs, it still doesn't give me everything I need to know, without digging for them. I am not here to dig, but to code. I am comfortable with another SDK, so the easier you can make it for me to play with yours the better.

You have many strengths going for you, which I cannot ignore, especially the testing directly on the device, awesome!!! Offline project builds, awesome!!!, and IDE, awesome!!!

With docs integrated into the IDE and Visual Debugging, it would almost be a must, except that I do need audio recording for my next project, and preferably local notifications. I could actually skip the audio recording for the first version. I guess it is the easy access to thorough docs that I really want.

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