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Ad integration problems — Gideros Forum

Ad integration problems

Hello once again!
So recently I've finished an app and I put my mind to publish it. I would like though for it to display some ads so I get some insight on how these work and on how I can improve my games in the future to actually make profit. For now this is a learning experience but nonetheless I would prefer to publish my app with ads.

I followed every tip and guide I've seen around here on how to do it. It is definitely not intuitive. After a lot of time got my project to build fine after removing a deprecated plugin and updating everything I had. But the moment I run it on an actual phone the game crashes. Ran it both internally on Google Play and directly through an apk. I've looked over what could cause it and stumbled upon Google's repositories which apparently could lead to this. Made sure I have everything on check, yet I got the same result.
Also, yes, I'm using the latest versions of everything. For exporting I've tried to export the app both directly via Gideros and via Android Studio. Same exact result.

Now my question is, if there is a way to fix this, and display nothing more than a simple banner using Admob, how do I do it? Or how can I get around this issue I'm facing?

If not, as I've read on here that things might have to do with the AdMob plugin itself, what other ad networks can I use?
What's an easy one to implement? As far as I've seen, AdMob is the only one covered in examples. For TapJoy for example, I couldn't find any examples. All info I found was on their documentation and it covered some examples in Android Studio. If possible, I would prefer to do this from Gideros, completely or partially, as it seemingly is the case for AdMob. Where can I find such examples, and can I do this without exporting first to Android Studio?

I apologize once again for my lack of knowledge in the field, but I know I'm not the only one facing the same issue and I find Gideros being such a great tool, and I've did some really cool things with it but the exporting side of things (specifically the documentation) creates some confusion. Thank you in advance!


  • Apollo14Apollo14 Member
    edited November 2018
    For Applovin you can try these calls (they're from the old docs):
    applovin = Ads.new("applovin")
    applovin:showAd:addEventListener(Event.AD_RECEIVED , function (event) 
    	print("Ad received...")
    For UnityAds code most likely is similar, just change one word: 'unityads' instead of 'applovin'.
    (I didn't test Apploving or UnityAds yet, I'm not registered there)

    I've just tested Admob ads, my app also crashes :s
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