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Some game graphics do not load on motorola razor — Gideros Forum

Some game graphics do not load on motorola razor

flyhereflyhere Member
edited April 2014 in User experience
I have a peculiar problem, wonder if anyone has an idea.

My scrolling background game works fine on the simulartor and on a Samsung Notes. I published it on Google Play and Amazon. Someone I know with a Motorola Razor downloaded it and installed, but when launching the game the scrolling background does not display, everything else does (the hero, scores, etc.

- The game is just under 24Mb, is that too large?
- Could it be a memory issue?
- I don't think it's an Android issue as the Motorola has Android 4.x
- If it's a memory issue, what can I do to make the game smaller? The reason I ask about the memory is that the scrolling background would be the largest piece of graphics of the game.
- All graphics are .png with 72 dpi



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