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Gideros A Treasure!

GiderosFanGiderosFan Member
edited June 2015 in User experience
So i have played since some month with Gideros. I have bought this book from Arturs Sosins. This is a must have for everyone they would start with gideros and lua. I read all the chapters i create the demo game in this book. I was so surprised about this engine. Before i use gideros i worked with Unity3D, Unreal Engine 4 and Played a little bit with App Game Kit and Construct 2 but there are so many people they profit for example from Unity3D. They write Plugins for connecting to the Playstore and call the Leaderboard and for this you must pay 30$.
But here this is totally free. I have found nothing what i need for a little game what's not included in Gideros.
The Community is very nice and smart and the guys behind the project are just Pro's. They do a so nice job. If i get Gideros running with Lua Glider for intellisense i can say then i will never miss Gideros.

Special Thanks to the Complete Team and the nice Community. Thank you guys for all your help here.

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