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Speedup Android Studio

antixantix Member
edited July 2016 in User experience
Hey all. I've been using Android Studio for a while now and it;s so damn slow. I saw sometimes a message about increasing some thing or another to speed up build times so I did some research and found this page.. https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/gradle_daemon.html

Basically you need to create a file called "gradle.properties" in your home folder. From the webpage above, here is how to find the home folder..
C:\Users\<username> (Windows Vista & 7+)
/Users/<username> (Mac OS X)
/home/<username> (Linux)
If the file "gradle.properties" doesn’t exist, just create it using a text editor. You can find details of other ways to enable (and disable) the Daemon in the FAQ further down. That section also contains more detailed information on how the Daemon works.
Then in the file create the following line.
Once you do that, restart Android Studio. Your build times should be really accelerated now, mine went from an average of 5 minutes to build a Signed APK to under 2 minutes.

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  • simwhisimwhi Member
    Make sue that you put it in /.gradle folder, too

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  • antixantix Member
    Whoops, yes! And add these lines also..
    This really makes Android Studio not such a pain :)

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