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Gideros 2022.10 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2022.10 Released

I released 2022.10 today, and the change log is much longer than I expected!

It is mostly about the win32 export, which has been improved a lot with the help of @MoKaLux, but also a lot of fixes related to layout and styling system (I guess I am almost the only one used them though).

Also worth noting:
- upgrade of IAB plugin to Google Billing Library 5, because previous BL 3 is no longer accepted by google
- improved navigator support in html5 export (it previously crashed on WebGL 1 compatible only devices)

Full change list:

[core/ui] Fixed search results not being visible when code is folded
[core/ui] Fixed undo/redo actions when using color picker
[core/ui] Fixed highlighter not being reset sometimes
[core/ui] Added adjustable highlighter delay
[core/ui] Added global zoom level
[core/ui] Added virtual space selection (only when using ALT + LMB)
[core/ui] Added the ability to change the color of whitespaces using styles
[core/ui] Added the ability to dock output widget to left and right panels
[studio] change position of find/replace dialog box

[core] Rework application get/set system
[core/signal] wait now accepts a lua predicate
[gfx] Fix Particles reallocation after clearing
[gfx] Sprite:getBounds gets a new parameter to compute real bounds depending on visibility and clipping
[gfx] Layout can optionnaly snap the coordinates to the logical grid
[gfx] Fix stencil mask not applied when clearing
[gfx/pixel] Fix setColor not triggering render in on-demand rendering
[layout] Fix switching back to raw values from styled values
[layout] Ensure relayout is done as quickly as possible
[layout] Fix layout group not propagating dirty info
[layout] Fix computation of required size when logical alignment is requested
[layout] Expose adjusted cell spacing in layout info
[layout] Add autoclip feature
[styles] Improve setStyle speed
[core/style] Lookup styles tables following hierarchy

[export/win32] Make a few missing plugins available
[win32] Improve/Fix http support (UrlLoader)
[win32] Update mouse and keyboard support
[win32] Report screen density (96, not 0)
[win32] Implement some of the getters/setters available on QT
[win32] Switch to unicode
[win32] Implement getKeyboardModifiers()
[winrt] Use initial window size value from project settings
[win32] Fix application paths and implement get(directory)
[win32] remove GetTempPath call because it caused window to disappear…
[win32] fix screen set position
[win32] Implement openFileDialog based on @mokalux code
[win32] Implement save file and open directory dialogs
[html5] Drop use of GLFW, directly use webgl
[html5] Fix resizing window
[android] Add a context variable to setTextInput call and event
[export/android] Intercept KEY_BACK before handled by IME
[export/ios] don't allocate buffers for short vertex data

[Library] Properly add COLOR mode to 3D library

[plugin/iab] Update to google BL 5
[plugin/require] Allow setting min sdk requirement (android)
[plugin/require] Avoid setting an empty NSUserTrackingUsageDescription
[plugin/threads] Deprecate

Download it from here:
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