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3D fishing fly creation: work in progress — Gideros Forum

3D fishing fly creation: work in progress

Hey, all. My fly fishing simulator app includes a fly creation system that just builds composite images to make flies. I've been working on rebuilding that from scratch in 3D. The 3D instancing has been a huge factor in making that possible. Each fiber of each feather can be an instance of a simple 3D shape. While all instances of one mesh must share the same texture, by rotating them they can show the viewer different sides which have different coloration, and getting that working without breaking the rotation I need to get each fiber in the right place was tricky, but I'm loving the result. The hook is a single articulated model that starts out as a long, straight spike, and the code uses the 3D animation system to pose "bone" for each segment to bend it into different styles of hooks. This is going to be a huge improvement to that app. The interface is just a placeholder while I keep working on adding more fly tying materials, but here's what it looks like so far:

I recently released an update to the app that allows people to create a publish their own content. It captures still images from the camera, blends them into seamless loops, then lets the user select areas where the movement should be removed, then lets them create depth and current maps for each fishing site. Here's a demo video of that feature:

None of this would be possible without the many improvements that have been made to Gideros over the last few years. I especially want to @hgy29 for all his contributions. And a huge thank you to everyone who's contributed improvements and fixes, and everyone who answers questions on this forum. Gideros just keeps getting more powerful and easier to use, and I'm really grateful to everyone who's been making that happen.


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