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Android Apps on Google Play + AdMob Warning/FYI... — Gideros Forum

Android Apps on Google Play + AdMob Warning/FYI...

In short I've released many apps down the years and seen it all pretty much, but mostly all Android these days.

Out the blue a few days ago I had an app suspended on Google Play for policy violation. The violation was Network Abuse but on further digging it turned out to be related to allowing another app to be downloaded and run via my app.

Of course my app is just simple free to play affair with AppLovin and AdMob Ads in rotation. I brought this up with Google but they still suspended the app even tho it would appear that after one single AdMob Ad was displayed, that appeared the root of the problem.

Google's final response to my appeal was just to repeat the same policy violation blurb pretty much without any further explanation, so I am unable to fix the actual problem reported. I just released a paid version of the same app without the Ad SDK's to see how I get on as all my apps use the same basic format TBH.

I told them that if I get any more grief, that i'll remove all the apps myself and close my account given the time invested keeping them all on store vs turnover these days. Just not worth the effort a decade or so on LOL.


Make sure you don't fall into the gaze of 'The Eye of Sauron' (i.e. Google) :smiley:


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