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Reduce the Installer size? — Gideros Forum

Reduce the Installer size?


The Gideros installer package is now bigger that 1GB, after looking at the files, the "All Plugins" and "Templates" takes the most space. the "Templates\VisualStudio" contains WinRT files about 600MB, "Templates\Xcode4" about 560MB, and "All Plugins" contains some big plugins that's not frequently used, like "harfbuzz\bin\WinRT".

To use WinRT(or UWP), I need to install Visual Studio, too, so is those Mac/Apple templates, you need a MAC and dev account to use it.

I suggests to split the files as optional or download on demand. I can do this my own, but with the frequent update cycle, I have to do it over again, and the installer is significantly much bigger that it was before.

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Yes, this is something that should be done, the difficulty being that it makes the delivery process much more complex (several files to upload, need to keep track of versioning to prevent Gideros 2020.6 from downloading 2020.9 plugins/template), and we basically could split by both architecture and plugin. And of course some plugins and templates are laid out a bit differently than others.

    That makes the splitting problem not so easy to deal with, and as the one who actually build and upload Gideros, it is another level of difficulties when publishing releases.
  • while for some people having a huge install file and installed space is a drawback, i think we should keep the build process for the maintainers as simpler as possible so that they don't lose motivation.
    perhaps we should just make some read.me where one explains what can be deleted after installing without an issue if you do not use this and that feature.
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  • So in this day and age where even SSD storage is becoming very cheap are people worried about 1GB files? Please... I'd like to know.

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  • Storage is cheap now, and I can do this myself byt wirting a cleanup batch, just a few personal opinion.

    For example, UWP is somehow a container, and with changing toolchains, Mac/iOS requires seperate kits, keep it in the outside pipelines is a reasonable idea.

    And at the moment, there're still many little issues with Gideros -- some official Plugins not cross platform, broken Addons, Win32 export buggy, like those beta softwares.

    Anyway it's a design choice, and Github literally store every release so I can get whatever release I need, however, we can see how Godot and Defold dealing with their export templates, considering Gideros is maintained by a volunteers, it's not the priority to do this currently.

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  • keszeghkeszegh Member
    edited September 2020
    well, most of gideros is quite bug-free in fact. certain plugins can go out of date quickly, there could be some easy way to notify the maintainers about this so that they can update them when needed (or put a 'beta' or 'obsolete' sign next to them in the ide to warn users). but you can do this on github and the forum anyway.
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