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Gideros Mobile Version Extreme Edition

Hello awesome fellows,

I know it's ridiculous but my imagination made me to write this post lol.

Since Gideros has a mobile app for live testing, will it be possible if the app will be added a functionality that enables us game devs to code our game within the gideros app?
I am not saying that the app should be able to compile a project to apk/exe/web etc, that will be a tedious work to our Gideros devs.
What I am suggesting is that we can code and test and add assets within the mobile version of Gideros, then if we want to export our game to specific platform, the Gideros mobile app will generate a Gideros project that can be opened using the PC version.

Personally, I think that it would be great and handy. I am full time mechanical engineer now and still want to develop a game during my free time at work. I successfully made an app and published to google play using Sketchware but Sketchware is not suitable for game development, and I love Gideros.


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